iPhone 6 SE bypasses the iPhone 6s performance

It happens, especially with Apple: still waiting for a product with one name, and get another. Instead of the iPhone 2 at the time came the iPhone 3G, is iPhone 6 iPhone 5s. But if the continuity of the symbols were to be observed, now the actual model would be called iPhone 9. But Apple is a little worried: here’s a new smartphone the company is legitimate, would seem to indicate the iPhone 7 will get a different — iPhone 6SE. It turns out that the «six» we will stay for at least a year.

Yesterday we wrote about the fact that the new generation iPhone will probably be called iPhone 7, iPhone 6SE. And here in a Network there was new confirmation of the fact: the source has published images of an iPhone 6 SE test results Geekbench. And, judging by the picture, running iOS 10 iPhone 6 SE is clearly superior to the model of the current generation: if the iPhone 6 SE scored 5210 and 3042 points in multi — and single-threaded tests respectively, the iPhone 6s is content with approximately 4500 and 2500 points. This difference is easy to explain using the iPhone 6SE new SoC Apple A10.

According to rumors, iPhone 6SE is still not a touch Home button — instead, use a normal key as in the precursor. Neither the screen size nor the resolution compared to the iPhone 6s has not changed, but I found the use of technology is True Tone how to the iPad Pro 9.7.

And another interesting point. Reportedly, after the release of the iPhone 6 6s SE model will not disappear from the market, both «iPhone» will be sold in parallel. But iPhone 6 SE will be available in gold or pink version, while the iPhone 6s will only be available in silver and grey colors.

Source: iNews



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