IPad design iPhone X will be released until the third quarter of 2018

The iPhone X has not yet gone on sale, and if you believe the rumors, its appearance on the market may well be delayed until early next year.

However, new rumors indicate that Apple is already testing a new tablet the family iPad, which will borrow the design of the iPhone X.

The source is a member of the Taiwanese factory, which produced various Apple products. Despite the fact that this tablet is in development, the probability to market in the near future is quite small. The fact that the technology at this stage does not produce a large number of tablets with similar screens.

In addition, Apple wants to see how the market will react to the lack of the Home button and the fingerprint sensor in the iPhone X, and then make the decision about what to do with the new iPad. According to another version, Apple could place a fingerprint sensor under the display surface the new tablet.

According to rumors, the next iPad release will take place no earlier than the third quarter of next year.



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