iOS 11.1 will bring to the iPhone and iPad, a huge number of new emoji

Apple announced that the new version of mobile operating system, iOS 11.1 will bring a huge number of new emoticons, called emoji.

List of new smileys are mermaid, vampire, caveman, zombie, elf, gin, giraffe, Zebra, cookies, pie, hedgehog, and much more. Sims with new emotions will be 56, but if you add the choice of gender and skin color, all new options will be more than 200. Also added is the phrase I love you, shows the hand in sign language.

First beta version iOS 11.1 was given to developers last week, however, it did not include the new emoji. They are available in a new beta version next week.

Release date of the final iOS version 11.1 have not yet been reported.



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