iOS 10 is mounted more than 48% of compatible devices. iOS 9 held the record for speed of distribution

On Apple’s official website still includes information from the September 12, according to which the operating system iOS 9 has been installed on 88% of compatible devices.

The proliferation of iOS 10 start a day late for the first day the new operating system was installed by 14.5%. A week later, the figure rose to 34%.

At the moment, according to Mixpanel, iOS 10 is of 48.16%, it allowed her to get ahead of iOS 9, which at the time of publication of these sources was 47,79% of the market compatible mobile devices. About 4% of users prefer iOS 8 and earlier versions of this operating system.

iOS 9 has been installed by more than 50% of compatible devices a week after release, which allowed her to set the record for velocity and hold it with the release of a new iOS version.



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