Investment commitments of $44 million will allow Apple to sell in Indonesia, the entire lineup of smartphones

In terms of population (about 260 million people) Indonesia is the fourth largest in the world, so there is nothing surprising in the desire of any company to attend and actively trade this market. But next year in Indonesia will earn a law making the sale of smartphones is somewhat difficult. The fact that starting from January 2017 all smartphones supporting LTE is offered in the local market, must be localized by 30%. Strict requirements for localization is not: it can be software, hardware or even investment. And it is the latter option, as, obviously, more simple, chose the Apple.

American company, according to sources, has decided to invest over three years $44 million to the center to develop applications for iOS. Most likely, during this time laid the basis for the very thirty percent of software localisation.

The Minister of industry of Indonesia said that in November, Apple has already received «certificate [developer] local content», which removes the ban on the sale of smartphones price of $448 (equivalent) or higher from next year. If Apple on this step decided, from the Indonesian market would leave such high-margin models like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, iPhone SE iPhone 5S and even the iPhone 5 with 64 GB of memory.

Source: Reuters



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