Introduced a smartphone Moto Z2 Play with the thickness of 5.99 mm

Lenovo today introduced a smartphone Moto Z2 Play. About the apparatus much was known in advance, so I’ll try and sum up.

The first thing you should know — the novelty won’t be as impressive battery life as the predecessor. The case battery. If last year’s model the item has been used with a capacity of 3510 mAh, now the capacity is 3000 mA·h

Apparently, this was done in favor of thickness. Z2 is thinner Play its predecessor: 5,99 mm vs 7 mm. do I Need to make the thinnest smartphone is thinner by sacrificing battery life, a moot point. By the way, the headphone Jack is present.

However, the autonomy of the new item should still be very good. It to plus play as a Super AMOLED display diagonal 5.5 inch Full HD and 14-nanometer Snapdragon SoC 626. RAM in the smartphone 3 or 4 GB of flash memory — 32 or 64 GB. That is, the performance increase should be expected.

But the camera has changed. Moto Z2 Play got a 12-megapixel camera with aperture of F/1.7, and the front is characterized with a resolution of 5 MP and has its own flash. How much worse or better the new camera than the old, yet to learn.

Of course, all the unique technology saved Motorola: Moto Display, Moto Voice and Moto Actions. The rest you can note the USB-C port, support fast charging, support all existing and future modules Moto Mods, as well as Android OS 7.1.1. The smartphone is available in three color options: gold, gray and blue, which on the official images is more similar to silver.

Buy novelty will be in the summer. Sources say that is not tied to the operator version will cost US $ 500, but did not specify what kind of modifications it. Probably still on the older and the younger will cost the same $ 400 that requested the predecessor.



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