Interesting variants of table settings to a New 2018

For most women an important part of new year celebrations is the preparation of the gala dinner. Beautiful table decoration for New year – the pride of the hostess, so it is important to consider each trifle. Simple tips given in this article will help you to prepare and serve a lovely table for a family celebration.


Table and chairs

Every family has a table, which in addition to cooking used for special occasions – the celebration of birthdays, New year etc. Place it in the living room so that he could not hamper movement around the room and allowed guests to freely come and go from the table.

Consider the fact that for more comfort at the table for each guest should be given a minimum of 50 cm Chairs set opposite each other, this will allow you to conveniently place your invited.

Table setting 2018: Current ideas
Festive tableware

Dishes for the Christmas table plays an important role in the proper serving. After all, the last dinner of the year last a lot longer than usual.

Whatever dishes you choose for the holiday table, it must necessarily be in harmony in style and color with Cutlery.

Earth Dog is characterized by simplicity and modesty, so this year discard tasteless wine glasses with ornaments, bowls with Golden ornaments, Cutlery made of precious metals with intricate shapes. Modern solid dishes best suited to meet 2018.

It is strictly forbidden to use for the table ware with cracks, faded figure, chipped, etc.

Tablecloth for Christmas table 2018

To choice of tablecloth must begin after you have decided on the dishes. These 2 attribute should be in harmony.

A classic combination for new year’s table is a red tablecloth and white plates without major decor.


For the New 2018 it is better to choose a tablecloth pastel shades.
To please the hostess of the coming year Excavation the Dog, prepare for a holiday dinner napkins with a picture of this cute and friendly animal.

Napkins are placed in special supports or a fan in any convenient way for you. For the holiday table 2-3 is enough such stands.

In addition to paper that are for wiping hands and mouth, be sure to prepare a small cloth. They are placed on the knees of the guests and protect their beautiful outfits from casual misunderstandings with food.

Decor holiday table

A fixture of the holiday dinner, which creates a magical atmosphere of celebration, are considered to be cloth, which we mentioned above. Apart from these, you can decorate the table with candles, toys, decorated pine cones, Christmas figurines, etc.

Particularly impressive will look of the composition on the Christmas theme from fir twigs and gift items with a symbol of the coming year. These decorations can create children, or purchase a ready-made gift salon.

The rules of table setting for New year 2018

The following guidelines are applicable not only to decorate the table for the New year. Having mastered some of our tips, you will easily be able to cover a beautiful table for any occasion.

First cover the table fleece. This special soft tissue that is placed under the tablecloth to protect the tabletop from the thermal effect of hot dishes. Also a double cloth allows you to avoid slipping Cutlery and drown them ringing when you tap on the table.

The main dish under a hot is placed at a distance of 1-2 cm from the edge of the table. Over a flat plate to put smaller dishes for snacks. The plug is on the left hand with its teeth upward. The left edge is inside the knife.

Some Housewives wrap the Cutlery in a cloth napkin and place them on a plate. This option covers also allowed.

Glass of champagne, juice and water position at the top of the dish at a distance of 1-2 cm from the tip of the knife. The rest of the glasses place next to the glass at a comfortable distance.

In the center of the table, set a bowl of fruit, a Christmas song, a set of decorative candles of different heights or a small tree. This design is sure to please the guests, as it is entirely consistent with the concept of the celebration.

The symbol of the coming year are modest, so the decor and table setting should not include too expensive items. On the contrary, prefer a simple glass dishes or bowls and coasters from untreated wood.

Thinking about serving new year’s table, to determine in advance with color accents. For a beautiful and festive decoration just 2-3 colors, not more, otherwise the table will look too fancy and bright.

Desirable, but not necessary element of the Christmas table is a small Christmas toys. Ideally look small balls or figurines of yellow, red or green. Place them randomly on the table or placed in a special bowl, adding fir branches.

What should be on the Christmas table 2018?

Setting the Christmas table, consider the symbol of the coming year. Yellow earth Dog prefers meat dishes, so the celebration should prevail treats with meat content.

To please the hostess of the year prepare for the holiday table:

  • meat and sausage slicing
  • appetizers, tartlets, canapés, sandwiches

Salads also must be mainly meat or chicken. The best of them, «Garnet bracelet», «Male whim» and, of course, a favorite new year’s table, «Olivier». As the main hot dish cook steaks and meat in French.

Most families celebrate the New year at the holiday table. Corporate events and parties in the cafe also cannot do without a meal. Really generous and delicious Christmas table is not only interesting salads and hot dishes. It is very important as these treats will be served.

Put a touch of creativity in serving new year’s table, and guests will surely appreciate your efforts.

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