Intel Xeon generation Cascade Lake will be the RAM support 3D XPoint

Intel yesterday demonstrated a new generation of Xeon processors the platform Scalable. It was called Cascade Lake and will only appear next year.

CPU data aimed at the server segment. In particular, describing these decisions, the very Intel says data centers. To begin, we note that the first generation of processors for this platform are CPU Skylake Xeon SP, which has not had time to enter the market.

But Intel has decided now to talk about their successors. They will be manufactured using advanced 14-nanometer technology. But the interesting thing is that they will bring support to the operational memory based on chip 3D XPoint. In the case of a system with eight CPU on one motherboard, the maximum amount of such memory can reach 6 TB.

About the technical parameters of new products, of course, nothing is known. During the demonstration, Intel compared a system with four Xeon E7-8890 v4 (Broadwell-EN), which contained four CPUs Cascade Lake. The second showed a performance increase of 1.59 times.



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