Intel would not specify the intermediate frequencies of their CPU

Intel continues to change the naming of their processors, and now here took and changes to the principles parameters.

According to the source, Intel said that from now on ceases to specify the intermediate frequency for their CPU in Turbo Boost mode. Moreover, this information generally will not appear in any of the user’s documents. Simply put, if the earlier Intel shared information about at what maximum frequency can run a particular CPU at boot one, two, three and so on cores, now all we know is the base frequency and the maximum frequency of Turbo Boost when booting a single kernel.

In fact, in most cases, you specify these two values, so for the majority of users will not change anything. And for enthusiasts, in fact, too. After all, when there is a certain level of performance, what difference is in this mode the CPU at 4GHz or 4.2 GHz? And if you really want to, the specific frequency can always be determined by tests.

The very same Intel explains his action by the fact that all the frequencies that are able to work a particular CPU, you still are dependent on many factors.



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