Intel will no longer provide annual events IDF

Intel Developer Forum (IDF) is a annual event that processor giant holds for developers, demonstrating various innovations, designs, ideas, concepts and so on.

For the first time Intel has held IDF in 1997. That is, this year the forum celebrates 20 years! Or rather, would have to be fulfilled, but that technically won’t happen as Intel cancels IDF.

The event would go from 15 to 17 August in San Francisco. We also recall that earlier another was to be held in China, but it too was canceled.

The reason for the refusal of IDF is that Intel has tried in various ways to develop new markets, reducing the dependence on everything related to PC, so that the IDF is no longer suitable for all lighting projects manufacturer. On the forum’s website says that the company is expanding the portfolio of activities and sends the IDF into retirement.



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