Intel will contribute to a wider dissemination of Thunderbolt next year

Thunderbolt, despite its advantages, has never been popular. Have Thunderbolt 3 things are better than previous standards, through the use of USB type-C. But the situation radically has not changed.

One of the reasons is the need to pay royalties. The second is the high cost of implementing this interface in your PC. And Intel is going to solve both problems in the next year.

First, the company finally integrates Thunderbolt into its processors. It says so at the source, although technically, most likely it will be integrated into the chipsets for the new processors. It was bound to happen even with the release of generation Kaby Lake, but the company changed plans. The controller in the chipset will save PC manufacturers from having to use third-party solutions that cost money. It is worth noting that it is unlikely that all new chipsets (or CPUs) will receive the support of Thunderbolt 3. Most likely, she will have only the top solution.

Secondly, Intel will make Thunderbolt free for third-party developers semiconductor solutions. This in turn will reduce the cost of controllers necessary for the operation of the interface.



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