Intel, why it is preparing a dual core CPU Core i3-7360X LGA 2066

As you know, in addition to the processors Skylake platform Intel X X299 allows the use of Kaby Lake and Junior — X. They are very little different from the usual Core i7 for LGA 1151, so it is not very clear for whom they are intended.

And with the advent of new portions of data, this question becomes even more relevant. Source shared photos, which allegedly depicted the Intel Core i3-7360X — dual-core CPU for HEDT platform!

The source claims that the frequency of this CPU is 4.3 GHz, just 100MHz higher than the Core i3-7350K, and TDP is 112 watts. However, the photo shows that the labeling says 4 GHz. As for the cost, Core i3-7360X will cost $ 220, while the Core i3-7350K costs about $ 175.



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