Intel teaches employees to correctly answer the questions regarding AMD Ryzen

Before the release of the AMD Ryzen left a bit. It is not known what the CPU will be available first, but preliminary data on the prices of older models are already available.

Without proper testing of serial samples and knowledge of prices is difficult to say how successful will the new AMD compete with Intel. But according to a Reddit user posted the image processor giant is already preparing their representatives to give correct answers to questions related to Ryzen.

For example, if someone were to point to the fact that AMD finally caught up to competitor according to the used technological processes, we need to remind such a person that AMD, unlike Intel, for the first time uses a 14-nanometer process technology for the production of CPU, while Intel produces such decision for two years.

If someone could point to the advantage of AMD innovations by the number of physical cores to virtual cores, you need to answer that number of cores is not the most important for CPU. However, it is noted that it is possible to recall the existence of the 10-core CPU Core i7-6950X. Of course, the price of this CPU in such a situation it is better not to mention.

Well, the question is whether Intel is going through that Ryzen may take the company market share, need to tell you what the company does and will continue to do the best processors and other products with constant thoughts about users.

Is this memo real, hard to say. But the fact that AMD for the first time in many years there may be processors that are really able to compete with Intel, consumers should just be happy, because healthy competition in any event at hand users.



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