Intel SSDs Optane 900P will be offered in two sizes

Thematic resource TweakTown has confirmed that appears earlier information that Intel will soon introduce Optane SSD 900P.

The drives, which will replace the Intel 750 will be available in size U. 2 in the form of expansion cards for PCIe 3.0. According to new reports, customers will be offered options volume not only 280 and 480 GB, but also of 960 and 1500 GB. Data on pricing yet, but the source suggests that they will not be excessively high, since the new SSD are not focused on corporate customers and individual consumers.

Judging by the slide, the sequential read speeds will reach up to 2.5 GB/s, sequential write — a 2.0 GB/s Performance on the operations random access declared equal to 550 000 IOPS in the case of reading and 500,000 IOPS in the case record.



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