Intel specifically restricted the ability of younger Skylake CPU-X when working with a range of AVX-512

As is known, the processors Skylake-X there are two lines: Core i7 and Core i9. Older processors have more cores, but they also cost accordingly.

It turns out, not only in the number of cores is the difference between CPU. It is no secret that the processors Skylake-X first for solutions to the HEDT segment support the instruction set extensions AVX-512, that should give advantages this CPU in certain tasks.

The experts of online PC Games Hardware when testing new processors discovered an interesting detail. CPU Core i7-7800X showed significantly lower performance compared to Core i9-7900X in tasks where performance is critical when working with a range of AVX-512.

And all anything, but the source claims that the engineering sample Core i7 showed exactly the same performance as Core i9. That is, the number of matching blocks in the processors initially the same, but apparently, Intel has locked half of them in the Junior CPU to artificially raise the model segments.



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