Intel proposes to use a set of Speech Enabling Developer Kit in the development of devices that support Alexa

Intel has decided to join the growing at an impressive rate market voice of helpers and assistants. No, the processor giant introduced their voice assistant or the analogue of the Amazon Echo.

Instead, Intel will promote AI Amazon Alexa. The product introduced by the company called Intel Speech Enabling Developer Kit. This is a small module for developers, which aims to help the latter to create new devices with support for Alexa.

The kit has an expandable hardware platform with interfaces for adding additional sensors. It is based on a dual-core digital signal processor with Intel and a chip, which is called the Wake Word Alexa Engine. Also, the device has eight microphones. Of course, Intel has taken care about the software component by developing special algorithms for the suppression of acoustic echo and noise control.

The cost of the kit is a good $ 400, and later will increase to $ 500.



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