Intel, PayPal and Synaptics will help Lenovo to introduce FIDO authentication in laptops

Lenovo, Intel, PayPal and Synaptics has announced a partnership, aimed at the implementation in PC simple and secure authentication FIDO on the basis of fingerprint data. Recall organization FIDO Alliance was established in 2013 with the aim of transformation of the system’s online user identification through the care of the password means to a common open standard for strong authentication.

As a result of joint work of partners, users of personal computers, Lenovo will be able to make payments with PayPal confirming their fingerprint. Such a simple way that does not require a password, you will work with other online services that support authentication, is compatible with FIDO.

Hardware components that form the basis of the decision, are the Intel Core processors of the seventh generation with the expansion of the Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) and the fingerprint sensor Synaptics Natural ID, encryption information according to the standard TLS 1.2.

Source: Lenovo



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