Intel once refusing several of their products for the IOT

Intel stands out among most players in the IT enormous financial resources. This allows the company to experiment in various fields and to enter new segments.

However, this has a downside. The cost of failure for Intel is much lower than in the case of some small companies. Among other things, this allows the processor giant to abandon their practices without any problems.

According to the source, Intel took it and said goodbye to such products as Edison, Joule and Galileo. Recall, Edison represents the interests of PC-based Quark SoC, a Joule is a kit for developers aimed at those interested in the capabilities of RealSense cameras, and Galileo is a single-Board PC-based Quark SoC X1000.

All these solutions are aimed at the IOT market that Intel recent years, supposedly plays an important role. However, apparently not so important to develop advanced products that will not be undone in a couple of years after entering the market. Intel does not mention the reasons for the refusal, but it is known that orders for these devices will be accepted until 16 September, and shipments will end on December 16. It is also reported that Intel stops the production of smart glasses the Recon Jet Pro Plus, Pro and Recon Jet Recon Jet.



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