Intel NUC for a million: the Swiss company Prime Computer introduced the Golden mini-PC

«Our customers are looking for personalized machines, and a response to these requests was the idea of the ideal high quality computer made of pure gold» — so explained the idea shown in the images below gold mini-PC Gold the head of the Swiss company Prime Computer Sonic Josip (Josip Sunic).

The range of Prime Computer, there are several mini-PC for both individual and business users, however, the gold in them was not. Meanwhile, the Prime Gold case weighing about seven kilos and is made of 18-carat gold. That, of course, affected the price: the device is estimated at $1 000 000.

Of course, in terms of hardware capabilities, the company has tried to offer the maximum for such a small case: Prime Gold got Intel Core i5, 32 GB of RAM and HDD up to 5 TB (alternatively available SSD). The choice of OS comes down to Windows 10 Pro and Linux. Warranty period of five years. Given the cost of the PC, it would be logical to offer the insurance in case of theft of the computer with the subsequent melting of the housing and resale, but that, alas, says nothing.

The main market for Prime Gold should be the United Arab Emirates.

Sources: Prime Computer, Arabianbusiness


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