Intel Joule — kit for developers interested in the capabilities of RealSense camera

Intel continues to advance the RealSense camera. They found particular applications in the PC market or mobile device so that the processor giant has decided to refocus its development in other segments. In particular, the segment of wearable electronics and robotics in one form or another, where the RealSense definitely looks more interesting.

At forum IDF in 2016, the company introduced the Joule — kit for developers who want to integrate their devices with the RealSense camera. There are two sets: 550х and 570х different configuration.

The Junior version is based on Atom CPU T5500 and contains 3 GB of RAM and 8 GB of flash memory. The senior boasts an Atom processor T5700, 4 GB of RAM and 16 GB of flash memory. The devices also contain 802.11 ac and are running Linux. The older model will cost $ 370.



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