Intel is preparing a processor Kaby Lake-G, which will receive the in-hotel crystal GPU and memory HBM second generation

The news, which appeared on Chinese thematic resource, could be perceived as an April fool’s joke, except that it was published only today.

According to the source, Intel is preparing a processor family Kaby Lake-G, which will be radically different from existing solutions manufacturer. It will be not in the CPU, as the CPU will use conventional, which can be found in all other representatives of the seventh generation of Intel Core.

The difference will be in GPU configuration. If you believe the information on the substrate of such a processor will be placed two crystals: a CPU and GPU, and the second will have a memory HBM second generation! Between the crystals are coupled to eight lines of PCI Express 3.0.

Unfortunately, the processors will only be available in the form of models in BGA packaging, meaning they are designed for laptops, workstations, mini PC and so on. The size of the processor will be equal to 58,5 x 31 mm. For comparison, the CPU Kaby Lake-H laptop dimensions is 42 x 28 mm.

It is known that the CPU Kaby Lake-G will exist in the form of models with a TDP of 65 watts or 100 watts. In both cases talking about Quad core processors and a graphics core GT2. And here is the big question. The fact that GT2 in the case of the seventh generation Intel Core is a GPU HD Graphics 630 with 24 compute units. That is is the same kernel that is found in all desktop models Intel Core current generation. And this in turn means that the performance of this GPU is not the highest, and the expediency of vesting it expensive HBM memory in absentia is a big question. Especially if you remember that Intel was a much more productive GPU.



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