Intel is credited with the closing unit of the wearable electronics

According to CNBC, which cites a source, Intel is winding down development of wearable electronics. Alleged appropriate unit, to develop smart watches and bracelets, was disbanded two weeks ago.

Division, New Technologies Group, engaged in promising directions, now focuses on the means of augmented reality.

If the above information is true, this is the second project of Intel closed for the last time. Several previously cancelled the development of Microsystems that competes with the Raspberry Pi.

According to the informant CNBC, 80% of employees were laid off in November of last year. A significant part of the unit were former employees of the company Basis Science, acquired by Intel in 2014 for $ 100 million.

Confirmation of the closure of units of wearable electronics might sound July 27 — the day Intel will present the results of the next quarter. Tags:


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