Intel introduced the platform Responsive Retail Platform, which will help to improve and optimize retail

It would seem that what has Intel to the retail sector? Not that its products are available in retail, and the problems of development of trade in General. It turns out that the company is interested in this direction.

Therefore, Intel has developed a Responsive platform Retail Platform designed for retail stores. The platform includes a set of different sensors, other hardware and software on which you can create for a specific client device.

Of course, a particular store which wants to get new design, will not need to buy a set of components and then assemble them into something working. For them it will be done by partners with Intel, offering either finished devices with different functionality, or creating any, under the requirements of a particular customer.

For example, Intel showed the robot Simbe Robotics Tally, which is equipped with a computer NUC based on Core i7 CPU and cameras RealSense. It is designed for self-inspecting the shelves, check stock availability and relevance of price tags.

The company also announced its intention to invest $ 100 million in the development of this area over the next five years.



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