Intel introduced the mobile processor Core H with graphics core AMD and memory HBM2

Well, after a series of rumors and leaks, Intel officially confirmed the fact that its processors will use AMD GPU. In fact, Intel today introduced these processors.

Let’s start with the basics. This configuration will get the mobile CPU Core H. They will treat the eighth generation of Core processors. Unfortunately, Intel does not specify what kind of family we are, but we know that the eighth generation will be more unannounced processors Cannonlake, which will test the first 10-nanometer process technology. Most likely, they’ll get AMD.

Moreover, these processors will contain more and HBM2 memory required for the GPU. All this will be located on a single substrate, but in the form of crystals. While Intel also does not disclose and details directly on graphic cores and amount of memory. We can assume that this GPU generation Vega, but in what configuration, pointless to even guess. By the way, it will be interesting to see what solutions will be more productive GPU: mobile Ryzen or new Core. First, recall that in the maximum configuration, the GPU has 640 stream processors. But APU AMD made in the form of a single crystal.

It is also known that the GPU memory will be connected through an interface Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB). Intel says that the CPU will be described first products with this tire. It is also interesting that the new processors will be energy efficient, but if it’s 10-nanometer solution, then worry about this aspect is hardly worth it.

Intel itself says that the new CPU will allow you to create a thin and powerful laptops that are suitable for work and play, and even for VR. More details Intel needs to open early next year. Perhaps at CES 2018.



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