Intel increased its annual revenue by 7%

Intel also was among those who at the end of January accounts for another quarter. For the largest manufacturer of processors of the recently ended fourth quarter of fiscal 2016 and the whole year.

Revenue for the quarter was 16.4 billion dollars, having increased in annual terms by 10%. Quarterly operating profit increased by 5%, reaching $ 4.5 billion. The net profit decreased by 1% and amounted to 3.6 billion dollars.

For the whole year, Intel helped to 59.4 billion dollars, that on 7% exceeds the indicator of last year. Operating and net profit were respectively 12.9 billion and 10.3 billion, a decrease of 8% and 10%.

Division Client Computing Group during the quarter brought the company 9.1 billion dollars, which is 4% higher than a year earlier. For the year revenues amounted to 32.9 billion dollars, an increase of 2%.

Division Data Center Group showed quarterly revenues at 4.7 billion (8% growth) and the annual rise of 17.2 billion (8% growth).

Revenue Internet of Things Group for the quarter amounted to 726 million dollars (growth on 16%), and for the year — $ 2.6 billion (15% growth).

Revenue Non-Volatile Memory Solution Group for the quarter amounted to $ 816 million (an increase of 25%), and for the year to 2.6 billion (a decrease of 1%).

Intel Security Group for the quarter and the year showed a revenue of 550 million and $ 2.2 billion respectively, representing a growth of 7% and 9% in the same order.

Formed in the first quarter of division of the Programmable Solutions Group brought the company 420 million dollars in the final quarter and $ 1.7 billion for the full year.



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