Intel has updated range of processors, which was published four years ago

Range Intel has added a couple of brand-new family of processors Atom. This model C2316 Atom and Atom C2516. It is curious that the main part of the Rangeley processor family, which include these new items, were presented in far 2013.

These two CPU will hit the market in the current quarter at a price of 39 and $ 64, respectively. This significant difference in price due to the different number of cores: two for the younger model and four in the senior.

C2316 Atom runs at 1.5 GHz and is limited to a TDP of 7 watts. It supports 16 GB of RAM but only single channel RAM controller. From Atom C2516 lower frequency (1.4 GHz), more TDP (10 W) and dual-channel controller with support for 32 GB of RAM. The capacity of the cache memory is 2 MB vs 1 MB younger CPU.

These processors are manufactured on 22-nanometer process technology and is focused on the segment of embedded server solutions.



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