Intel has updated ISO TS13X to work with processors Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X

Presented yesterday Intel Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X will be supplied in the packaging of the new design and no coolers. This is logical, given the target audience and high performance requirements.

As it became known later, Intel would offer a liquid cooling system for this CPU. It’s called TS13X. It should be noted that the range processor for several years, there is ISO, but in this case it’s a bit upgraded to be compatible with processors LGA 2066.

So, this maintenance-free, ISO that uses heat and propylene glycol. It is designed for CPU with TDP of 165 watts, that is, to work with even the 18-core CPU Core i9-7980XE. ISO got the radiator dimensions 150 x 118 x 37 mm, ventilated 120mm fan speed 800-2200 rpm Maximum air flow is 125 m3/h, and the noise level in the range of 21-35 dBA. Unit weight — 820 g

The current version is sold at a price of $ 100. Probably, the novelty will cost the same. It also became known that Intel will offer consumers its own brand of «insurance» Performance Tuning Protection Plan.

Its meaning is that when the processor failure due to overclocking, the buyer will be able one free to replace the CPU for a new one.



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