Intel has released an update that eliminates a security vulnerability in the processor, which became known almost a decade ago

Intel released a firmware update, which is intended to cover a hole in the security system of the PC for business. About the vulnerability became known almost a decade ago, but for some reason the manufacturer does not hurry to eliminate it.

According to the manufacturer of processors, the vulnerability inherent in Active Management Technology, Standard Manageability Technology, and Small Business under these names denote the ability of Intel processors for PC corporate segment intended to handle the administration.

According to experts SemiAccurate, it is a weak point exists in all platforms Intel with Nehalem to Kaby Lake.

Note that the update release developer of processors is not enough — now it must be enabled in the new firmware version to PC makers.

It remains to add that the processors for PCs in the consumer segment it is not.

Source: Engadget



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