Intel has created a drone that took part in the competition for slam dunk NBA

Weekend in New Orleans hosted the Star weekend the NBA, in which the best basketball players the National Basketball Association fought each other in various competitions and all-star game.

The competition, which attracts public attention more than others, is the Slam Dunk Contest, i.e., contest for the dunks. One of the participants was a team player Orlando Magic Aaron Gordon (Aaron Gordon), who for the first time in the history of the event used in the course of his speech an unmanned aerial vehicle.

The mother of Aaron, works at Intel, she told the son of such an idea. After that, the Intel engineers created a drone that was able to levitate a basketball and let him go at the right time, making the transfer of Aaron. Brought the drone in the desired position before throwing himself at basketball.

In the end, the winner of the contest was another man, but Aaron Gordon still made history. His name will be remembered in the future when drones will declare itself in other sports.



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