Intel has created a 17-kubicova a chip for quantum computing

Intel, which lately is trying to diversify its business, has announced that it has released a 17-kubicova superconducting chip for quantum computing.

She released her for the company QuTech, which is a partner of Intel’s research in this area in 2015.

Intel did not particularly go into detail, but something that precise. In particular, the processor giant says a new architecture, allowing to increase reliability, thermal performance and to reduce radio frequency interference between the qubits.

Intel also says that unlike many others, explores several types of qubits. For example, this microchip is created based on superconducting qubits, but also conducted research in the field of spin qubits.

Note that the Intel chip does not mention the processor. In addition, it will not be used to create a commercial quantum computer. Instead, the partners use the decision for further research in this area.



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