Intel Gemini Lake will not get serious improvements compared Apollo Lake

About the Intel Gemini Lake we learned last year. According appeared in the Network road map of the company, these CPU’s will replace the generation of Apollo Lake. Then, it was said that these CPU will come on the market in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Now there’s some details about these CPUs. So, the source reports that mobile solutions Gemini Lake will cost a TDP of 6W, and the table index will be 10 watts. That is, in this respect they are no different from the existing Apollo Lake.

Processors also will exist in dual-core and Quad-core variants, and a GPU will contain 18 Executive units. It is worth noting that the desktop CPU Apollo Lake and now have the same GPU, but the cell number of execution units is 12. Thus, it is unclear whether the source for all of the options Gemini Lake or just on the desktop. In addition, new items will receive support HDMI 2.0.

In General, to expect from Gemini Lake of some breakthrough, apparently not. Most likely, Intel will slightly increase the frequency on this business will be limited. Unfortunately, if you look on the Intel website, you can see that a full-fledged mobile processors Pentium and Celeron with normal frequencies in the range of the company is almost gone, as they completely replaced the solution Apollo Lake. For example, in the family of Kaby Lake there are only three such CPU: Pentium 4415U, Celeron and Celeron 3965U 3865U. Because of this, almost all budget laptops on the market now based on the «atomic» CPU. In fairness it should be noted that the generation of the Apollo Lake in comparison with the predecessors were much more productive.



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