Intel enters into strategic Alliance with Google in the field of artificial intelligence

In addition to the hardware included in the platform Intel Nervana for applications of artificial intelligence, Intel has introduced and other developments in this area. In particular, it is an Intel technology Saffron Technology for reasoning based on memory and transparent analysis of heterogeneous data. Allegedly, this technology is particularly well suited for small devices, making mining in IoT and helping promote a «collective AI».

To simplify the use of these funds by developers, Intel offers a generic API that covers all Intel processors and other hardware, such as Intel RealSense cameras and processors for machine vision systems Movidius (recall, Intel announced the purchase of the company Movidius in early September).

In addition, Intel and Google announced a strategic Alliance that aims to provide corporate users with open, flexible and secure cloud infrastructure. The cooperation includes integration of the cluster management of containers, Kubernetes, machine learning, security, and IoT.

Source: Intel



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