Intel employee said that the company continues to work towards the establishment of a mobile SoC

In the spring we learned that Intel is refusing to continue the development of single-chip systems for mobile devices and covers all the working projects in this direction. Processor giant left only solutions Apollo Lake, but they are aimed at tablets and hybrid mobile PC.

Recently were leaked roadmap also confirms the absence in the plans of Intel any smartphone SoC. However not the fact that the work in this direction is not conducted at all.

In an interview with Venkata Renduchintala (Venkata Renduchintala) source learned something interesting. Recall, Renduchintala has served as head of the new division Client and Internet of Things Businesses and Systems Architecture Group, and previously he worked at Qualcomm.

So here’s the question regarding the refusal of a segment of mobile SoC he said that Intel had several mobile single chip systems, but they were hardly worthy to continue. This Renduchintala noted that this does not mean, though Intel no longer working on mobile platforms. But «when we have something to say, we will talk about it».

These words can be interpreted in different ways, but most likely, Intel is working on a completely new single-chip systems, but the work is in its early stages, so while there is no specific company does not want to share. Maybe in a year or even two processor giant will once again try my luck in this segment.



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