Intel denies signing license agreement with AMD

A couple of days ago, many thematic resources, including Russian, has published the information that Intel and AMD entered into a license agreement, under which Intel will be able to use when creating their integrated GPU any technology of a competitor.

Recall that the first rumors of this kind appeared more than a year ago, and then they were confirmed at the end of last year. But no official statement was neither then, nor now.

We decided not to publish the information recently circulated by many resources as the original source has long established itself as unreliable. But as many readers can access this information on other sites, we decided to clarify that these rumors were false.

In this case, data originate from an official source. More specifically, the official representative of Intel told the source that the information on signing the agreement with AMD is not true.

However, you need to understand that this does not negate the rumors earlier. That is, Intel may well eventually to license from AMD, this simply did not happen on 15 may, when they appeared and untied the news. But the very possibility of such a transaction by an Intel representative declined to comment.



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