Intel demonstrated the possibility of coherent flight of three hundred drones

The performance of Lady Gaga in the finals of American football championship was accompanied by a light show with the participation of 300 unmanned aerial vehicles Intel Shooting Star. In particular, drones have formed an image resembling the US flag and logos of Pepsi and Intel.

The images themselves and rebuild between them demonstrate the possibility of coherent flight of three hundred drones. Devices Intel Shooting Star specially designed decorations for mass events. This is a quadrocopter with led lights capable of emitting more than 4 billion shades of color and to change color according to the program. The drone can stay aloft for up to 20 minutes. The mass of the quadcopter — 280 g and its structure is designed to maximize the safety of soft plastic and foam, and contains no threaded connections. All 300 drones are controlled by one computer and one operator.

Source: Intel



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