Intel could switch to using AMD in their processors

AMD has many years of marking time, if we talk about the processor market. With the release of Zen architecture we promise a long-awaited breakthrough, but will he learn in the beginning of next year. Also, AMD once won the title of developer of the performance of the embedded GPU, in the end, lost it and have been unable to return.

But it is worth noting that Intel equips the highest performing graphics cores a few of the CPU models that are not designed for desktop PCs. Yes, there are such processors is extremely a lot, so technically Intel managed to beat AMD, but for one reason or another are unable or unwilling to secure the victory in the mass segment.

And here now it became known that Intel is alleged to have signed with the AMD license agreement, in which technology of AMD graphics will be used in Intel processors! This was reported by Kyle Bennet (Kyle Bennett), head of resource HardOCP. Bennett also noted that Intel really doesn’t want this fact became known to the public. Perhaps this is true only at the moment, but we can assume that Intel generally never to mention the part of AMD. Of course, all these assumptions are only assuming that the rumor is true.

Unfortunately, no details Bennett didn’t. It is unclear to what CPU will be used by AMD when they become available and will it apply to all segments or just a few (or even one). You also need to understand that the license agreement may apply only to certain technologies developed by AMD, based on which Intel will create its own iGPU.

We will remind, in the spring it became known that Intel is considering the possibility of signing a license agreement with AMD regarding graphics technology. So the words of Bennett way or another, are without Foundation.



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