Intel Core i9-7960X gaining 33672 points in the test Geekbench

In the database Geekbench test results emerged system on a 16-core processor Intel Core i9-7960X, is able to simultaneously execute 32 thread. This is representative of the platform Skylake-X HEDT presented at the end of may. The processor performed LGA2066 valued at $1699. It should appear on sale this quarter.

Figure single core performance of Intel Core i9-7960X when working at 2.5 GHz is equal 5238 points, multi-core — 33672 points.

Configuration Intel Core i9-7960X includes 1 MB cache second level is based on each core 22 MB cache third level, which is used by all cores together. It should be noted 44 PCIe 3.0 lanes and Quad-channel interface DDR4-2666.



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