Intel Core i9-7900X can be overclocked to 5 GHz when using ISO and to 4.5 GHz using a normal tower cooler

Recently, 10-Core Intel Core i9-7900X have excelled, setting a couple new records, working at a frequency of over 5.7 GHz. Then it was cooled with liquid nitrogen.

It turned out that for work at 5 GHz this CPU will only have a liquid cooling system. For a start, the enthusiast Der8auer when using ISO surrendered to the frequency of 4.8 GHz for all 10 cores active.

Then the CPU was the cap is removed, and the native thermal interface was replaced by the liquid metal. This helped to conquer the frequency of 5 GHz. The CPU temperature was in the range of 88-91 degrees.

Other enthusiast I decided to check the limit when using air cooling. Overclocker Lucky Nob broke up the same CPU to 4.5 GHz at a voltage of 1.15 V. What is the cooler we used, it is not clear, but it is clear that this is a normal tower cooler is not the most impressive size.



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