Intel Core i7-7700K conquered a frequency of 7 GHz, while maintaining the performance of the two cores

We recently learned that overclocking the processor Intel Core i7-7700K most enthusiasts who do not want to resort to extreme methods of cooling, will have to settle for frequencies around 5 GHz.

It is suitable for continuous use systems, of course, if the temperature regime is appropriate. And for those who need records, 5 GHz will not be enough. Such users can expect to conquer the barrier of 7 GHz.

At least the enthusiast with the nickname Splave has managed to overclock my instance of Core i7-7700K to the frequency 7023 MHz. It had to raise the voltage to 2 V, which is a very high value for this CPU. In addition, you have disabled the HyperThreading technology, and four cores were efficient only two.

For cooling used liquid nitrogen. It is also known that he was involved Z170 motherboard ASRock OC Formula. With all these conditions, the CPU remained stable, which allowed him to pass the test PiFast with a score of 9.02 s.



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