Intel Core i7-7700K accelerated to a frequency of 4.9 GHz at a voltage of 1.29 In

Intel Core i7-7700K should lead the lineup of desktop processors Intel Kaby Lake. Announce it early next year. This CPU will work at frequencies of 4.2-4.5 GHz, and it can be to buy for about $350.

Compared to the Core i7-6700K novelty wins at least due to the higher frequencies, not to mention the improvements in architecture. For example, in the test, Fritz Chess, according to new data, Core i7-7700K shows the result of 17 049 kN/s. In the Cinebench R15 CPU 913 is gaining points.

As for the overclocking enthusiast under the pseudonym Zolkorn was able to overclock the CPU to 4.9 GHz frequency when all voltage of 1.29 V. However, the temperature during Prime95 reached 100°C. Although not having data about the used, something difficult to argue about the heat level of the CPU when overclocking.

Under load without overclocking, the CPU temperature stayed at around 60°C. Given four cores and high frequency, the result is quite good. Apparently, in this case native.



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