Intel Core i3-8300 will have four cores with support for Hyper-Threading

We recently learned that the Intel Core i7 and even Core i5 related to the generation of Coffee Lake, will have six cores. It was interesting to learn how the range of these built CPU in its lower part.

It turns out that roughly the same: by increasing the number of cores. Thus, the Network appeared screenshots showing the presence of the model Core i3-8300 four cores with support for Hyper-Threading.

CPU will reach 4 GHz, and the volume cache of the third level is 8 MB! That is comparable with senior representatives of the Core i5 relevant now generation Kaby Lake.

Thus, the eighth generation of Intel Core processors, due to the larger number of cores in the models will be very different from all the previous ones, although the process technology and architecture will not change. There remains the question of the cost of new products. In addition, it is unclear whether this means that all subsequent generations of Intel Core CPU will have with that number of cores.

Recall, the new CPU will not be compatible with current motherboards now.



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