Intel Core i3-7350K cannot be bought in the first week after the announcement of the desktop CPU Kaby Lake

In view of recent leaks pointing to the absence of any worthwhile performance gain from Intel Kaby Lake in comparison to its predecessors, the model Core i3-7350K for the first time in recent years, offering an unlocked multiplier in the family of Core i3, may be one of the most interesting acquisitions for potential buyers.

However, new data indicate that for the first time after entering the market of desktop solutions Intel new generation to buy this processor, will not be possible. Sources say that this decision, as well as CPU families Pentium and Celeron processors will be released later. The delay is in a few weeks. The cause is unknown, but the issue in the first place expensive solutions new generation — a common practice for companies from various segments. It is due to the desire to get more profit from sales of more expensive models, when the desire to get something new from some of the consumer desire to save.

Roughly, the cost of the Core i3-7350K will be about $ 175. Older processors Kaby Lake should be on sale January 5-6.



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