Intel continues to refuse their development. This time went under the knife the device WiGig

2017 for Intel was a year of rejection of their own development. Only in the summer, the company refused from several products segment of the Internet of things, from single-chip system Quark (unofficially), as well as from one version of the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor 7200.

Now it became known that the processor giant will cease the supply of all the modern products WiGig (IEEE 802.11 ad) to the end of the year. This applies to products such as Wireless Gigabit 11000, Tri Band Wireless-AC 18260, Wireless Gigabit Antenna-M M100041 and Wireless Gigabit Sink W13100. Orders the company will accept up to 29 September, and the last shipment is scheduled for December 29.

Relatively short period of time for which Intel would withdraw its products from the market, probably due to low demand.

Despite the cessation of manufacture of the above products from Intel not going to give up. The company says it will focus on relevant solutions focused on virtual reality technology.

Recall that the standard implies the use of WiGig 60 GHz frequency and data transfer rate up to 7-8 GB/s. However, due to the very high frequency, this technology is suitable only for data transmission in line-of-sight, as conventionally, any physical barrier will alarm insurmountable.



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