Intel completed the purchase of Mobileye over 15.3 billion dollars

In March it was announced that Intel is buying Mobileye over 15.3 billion dollars. Yesterday, Intel announced the completion of the transaction.

More specifically, the expiration of the tender, the results of which Cyclops Holdings, a subsidiary of Intel, has acquired approximately 84% of shares of Mobileye. The next tender will end on August 21. During this period shareholders of Mobileye, not yet accepted an offer to sell, you can do it. After that, Mobileye plans to remove its shares from trading on the new York stock exchange, which will lead to a sharp decrease in the liquidity of the stock, has not participated in the tender.

Intel are hoping that the acquisition «will accelerate innovation in the automotive industry and will put Intel into a leading technology provider in the rapidly expanding market partially and fully self-driving vehicles.»



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