Intel Coffee Lake will not be compatible with existing motherboards with LGA 1151 socket

The situation with future Intel processors remains unclear. We have already described the «strange» eighth generation, which in the end can get the name of Kaby Lake and the Refresh to only exist in the form of mobile solutions. Now sources are again talking about CPU Coffee Lake.

It is reported that the release of this CPU for the desktop segment is postponed until the first quarter of 2018. However, according to Intel road map, they were supposed to come out next year. Furthermore, the document pointed to the second quarter, but now says the first. From what sources think that the family of Coffee Lake could appear sooner, is unclear.

But these processors still have something to say. As previously reported, this is the first generation of desktop consumer CPU from Intel, which will be six-core models Core i7. This family of Core i5 will include a Quad-core CPU with Hyper-Threading. However, the Coffee processors of the Lake will require an updated LGA 1151 v2, not compatible with existing motherboards.

In this case, recall that such CPU will still be on 14-nanometer technology. It is possible to expect an increase in TDP for the top models.



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