Intel Coffee Lake can be in short supply until the end of the year

As you know, tomorrow in the sale should appear Intel Coffee Lake-S. Recall that in the framework of this Intel for the first time increased the number of cores for consumer desktop processors Core, not belonging to the class HEDT.

However, the launch may be marred by a serious shortage of new CPU. According to the source, the problems with the proposal from Intel will run until early next year. This means that to buy such processors will be everywhere, and the prices sellers can raise.

The source explains this situation by the fact that, initially, CPU Coffee Lake was supposed to come out in early 2018, however, Intel had to move the launch to an earlier date due to the success Ryzen. However, if you move the announcement is not a problem, then rebuild the production capacity to meet demand at Intel, it seems, came completely.

Analysts believe that this situation can severely hurt Intel, as consumers will not want to buy obsolete CPU automatically Kaby Lake, will not be able to buy CPU Coffee Lake because of the shortage and finally pay attention to AMD solutions.



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