Intel calls the USB-C connector for proper sound output

As expected, in early September, Apple confirmed the rumors that she refuses to use the 3.5 mm Jack in their smartphones, giving preference to the generic Lightning connector to be used for connecting accessories, charging and audio playback.

During the event, IDF 2016, which took place this week, brad Saunders (Brad Saunders of Intel said that USB-C will soon be «the correct connector for audio output». This, in particular, will facilitate technology USB Type-C, Digital Audio, Intel presented back in the spring. Recent developments Intel has significantly lower energy consumption when headphones are connected via USB-S.

Saunders notes that the rejection of the 3.5 mm connector will save precious space inside a smartphone, in addition, this connector can interfere with other electronics device. But the main thing is that the digital format opens up opportunities for processing and adding sound effects without requiring expensive headphones.

Apple has added USB type-C to their new laptops, but the iPhone continues to use the proprietary Lightning connector. As for USB-C, then the promotion will deal mainly with Android smartphones.



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