Intel calls the information «new oil,» the company plans to invest $250 million in development related to self-driving cars

During the conference LA Auto Show AutoMobility Chapter Intel Brian Krzanich (Brian Krzanich) said the company to work on technologies that are used in self-driving cars.

According to him, over the next two years, the company intends to allocate an additional $ 250 million to develop hardware and software for unmanned vehicles.

The desire of Intel to move in this direction is not surprising, given that over self-driving cars today work not only auto manufacturers, but also companies such as Tesla, Apple, Google, Uber and so on.

This does not mean that Intel will make their own car. Instead, the company can provide system and server for processing the data that they produce. Krzanich called the information «new oil,» noting that one self-driving car of the day can record and transmit up to 4 TB of data.

This summer Intel has signed an agreement with BMW, which will be the first to put the electronics for the new cars of the German manufacturer.



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