Intel buys a company Movidius, which develops processors for machine vision systems

Intel and Movidius announced a deal in which Intel will absorb the developer of processors for machine vision systems. According to Intel, the acquisition will help in the development of promising areas, including drones and robots.

Develop Movidius complement the strategy marked with RealSense cameras. Intel believe that computer vision allows machines to process visual information and to navigate the space. If to draw an analogy with human anatomy, the cameras play the role of the eye, Central processing unit — the role of the brain, and a processor for machine vision it is eye center. Integration processor machine vision system allows you to make maps and navigation, collision avoidance, recognize objects and follow them to solve other problems.

In addition to single-chip systems, asset Movidius are highly specialized algorithms, and extensive experience in this area.

The financial side is not disclosed.

Source: Intel



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