Intel began shipping processors Kaby Lake for laptops. Cannon Lake and the Coffee Lake will be on the market within a year, Lake Ice to debut in 2018

In July appeared the first information about the fact that Intel began to ship processors of new generation Kaby Lake to its partners.

Updated information provided by the Taiwan PC manufacturers, indicates that Intel began shipping processors Kaby Lake for laptops. And solutions for the desktop will massively be supplied only at the end of this year. Then the market will be the motherboard Intel Z270 and H270.

Because of the availability of processors Kaby Lake laptop manufacturers have reduced the prices of the models that use Sky Lake processors and Nvidia graphics cards. In some cases, a price reduction of 10%.

To ease the way of the Kaby Lake processors, Intel also reduced the prices of their chipsets 100-series for boards, making them even more attractive to manufacturers.

According to plan, Intel should begin shipping processors Cannon Lake for laptops produced using 10-nanometer process, and the 14-nanometer Coffee Lake for desktop PCs in the second half of next year. Generation of Ice Lake will debut in 2018.



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